The "SEED Project" is an opportunity for the public to receive free native wildflower seeds to plant wherever they wish. It is an attempt by foolsforhire to provide individuals with a free and easy way to make the world around them more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful.

We are constantly surrounded by an environment designed with minimal aesthetic consideration. foolsforhire makes an offer, flowers, in order that we might make our everyday experience reflect beauty and nature and life. These seeds are a way for people to take an active stance in changing, crafting the world around them.

The SEEDS will be distributed in different areas of the City at different times this year. Accompanying these packets of color and life will be four iconographic figures who figure greatly in constructing the narrative of the project: a fool, a businessperson, a town crier, and an "ent." Persons wishing to receive seeds and others will be treated to a positive social interaction and a symphony of sight and sound.

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