The Seed Project

What makes wildflowers grow?
They give to us the grace and beauty
that is themselves.
ne planning.
      ne planting.
           sans human touch.
They grow, thrive, beautify.
In this project,
free California Wildflower seeds
will be provided by
through a framework of iconographic
     representation and  ...  interaction.
The four icons:
     town crier,
                   and businessperson
will work from designated
areas to open up
dialogue in
          and action
with the world around them.
We need to give.
To accept gracefully
      and with purpose.
We alone have the ability
to make our experience
together more beautiful.
Nurture and cherish nature.
Go and beautify the world around you.



“Won’t you try?”
The fool is a master of sense, sensitivity, incense and insensibility. He draws us a verbal picture of flexibility, contextuality, and foolishness. Her wisdom pervades rationality invasively, distributing a direct, sincere message: hope. Open mind. Through his interactions with everyone, people connect, imagine-ate, and reflect on the meaning behind life mostly . . . and the project. She is a purveyor of nonsense. An inquisitor, straddling the edges of reason/ unreason, the fool assures us that if we accept, yet challenge, the conditions of reality, we will flourish and grow like flowers in the wild.

Town crier

“Did you hear?”
There is a message. But, the message is not broadcast, or repeated incessantly as media journal. It is a message of sound, sight, and connection. Open hearing. It is the message of development, developing, envelopment. Everything develops, changes, matures. As a part of nature, we individuals need to understand and consider change as an integral action in our existence. Did you hear? We need to acknowledge nature and work to bring ourselves and our communities in harmony with the world around us. The message is words, music, sounds, wind, ocean.



“Here’s my gift.”
The “ent” or tree/flower represents the beauty of nature. It is a synthesis of city and nature and art. It is open, giving. Beautiful. It stands in our reality as a representative, an amalgam, of all that we are that is good. It shines, glowing, changing with the wind. The city-scape hovers in space atop a brushstroke of flowers. The tree contains the colors of nature. We should be assured, assuaged, reminded, and rekindled. Rejoice.


“What’s the cost?”
The organizing principle. The need to structure, control. We understand the “bottom line” for business, but is that necessarily the “bottom line” for life? Be rational, sensible? What is growth? Beware of cliché, usurping words and meanings, to make sense of what is at times an insensible reality. What do we need to survive? Are we asking the right questions of our “reasonable” existence? What’s the cost? Life is an open text to which we apply designations, meanings, and importance, at times reasonably, at times haphazardly. Conformity.