On Thursday October 11,th 2001, between the hours of 7AM and Noon at Justin Herman Plaza (across from the SF Ferry Building) and on approximately 50 streetcorners in downtown San Francisco foolsforhire and 300 participants greeted, meeted, and affirmed inhabitants of the downtown ecosystem.

The well-trained participants, dressed in strikingly beautiful and familiar day-glo hats and vests worked diligently to change the tone and scope of human interaction in the area on that day.


This arena, the landscape of urban culture, a testament to technological advancement and order, yet unfortunately also a showcase for dehumanization and debasement, represents the best and the worst that we are. Hopefully, we brought to them a message of hope, laughter, and community, reflections of our humanity.

We met at the foot of Market, in Justin Herman Plaza, andspread out across the financial district all the way up Market St. to the cable cars at Powell. Along the way we met all kinds of people.

People who had work to do,something to say, or just wished to make their world a more exciting and interesting place. That’s also what we hoped to do. Make people smile.

By 11AM the 300 artistic activists converged in the plaza across from the Ferry Building and danced and laughed and ate a lunchtime fare of Bagels and Falafels, a multicultural meal which joined the best of two worlds and cultures. The process of “breaking bread” together, an activity which binds us as human beings in the face of great fear and violence. To eat together in peace and acceptance and tolerance and joy.

Before we were done, we did manage (with our bodies) to create an eye, a symbol which foolsforhire uses to represent their conservatorship of the city of San Francisco. And of course do the “hokey-pokey.” We ate, enjoyed each other’s company, and were off to the rest of our day and lives.

Did we make a difference? Did anyone change? Does anything ever really change? (Yes)
A more meaningful, rich, affirming experience for us all begins with a change in our perception.
Join in. Participate. Life goes on through the glass, in the world, in our hearts.
. . . if only for one morning of one day.