Affirming all who pass.

10 years ago (10.11.00) a large group of neon-hat-and-vested fools amassed at the Ferry Building and fanned out to intersections throughout downtown San Francisco.  Lunch and dancing inspired Union Square shoppers after affirming passers-by all morning.

9 years ago (10.11.01) a similar group of fools, so donned, once again engulfed the business district, assembling at Justin Herman Plaza after a morning of compliments and well-wishing.

This Monday, October 11th (10.11.10), fools will descend once again to the depths of downtown San Francisco as well as in cities across the country.  Though costumed in neon vest and hat in San Francisco, other cities may be more pedestrian in their garb, hurling affirmations to all who cross their path.  

Join us in this utterly foolish endeavor to affirm strangers that they "look good," have "nice shoes," and are wished well through the morning.

The Affirmation Project is interactive, positive social activity.  foolsforhire believes that we need to re-establish affirming behaviors in our everyday routines; we rarely practice them in a public way.  Allow every person the dignity afforded each member of a community.  It all begins with a change in our perception.

We all deserve a better world.


Meet us at 10:30am at Justin Herman Plaza, San Francisco on October 11, 2010 and spend a coule hours with us, affirming everyone and anyone who crosses paths with us. It is a day to celebrate the positive surrounding us all.